Bringing More to the Party

Bring more to the party with Marquee's helpful party planning posts.

Tasty Ways to Kick Off Your NFL Season Event

Kick off the NFL season deliciously and throw an event celebrating your city’s flavor. Check out these recipe and decor ideas.

Plan a Labor Day BBQ No One Will Forget

Looking to make your Labor Day BBQ or event extra special? Check out these fun and festive ideas.

How to Plan a College Graduation Event

Graduation event planning just got easier with these tips.

2019 Summer Tent Rental Event! - Chicago Location

The 2019 Summer Tent Rental Event is here! Check out the latest in Summer Tent Rental Packages for you next event!

How to Tell Guests You’re Having a Kid-Free Wedding

Remember, it’s your day! Here are some thoughtful ways to tell guests your wedding is kid-free.

Family Reunion Event Planning Made Easy

You look forward to your family reunion, but maybe not to planning the event. Learn how to make it easy so you can enjoy the day!

Community Outreach Tips for Athletic Event Planning

Why connect with the local community when you plan your next sports event? Learn about the perks and how to get started.

8 Do’s & Don'ts When Planning a Summer Festival

Planning a summer festival? We’ve put together some best practices you’ll find helpful. Check out these do’s and don’ts.

Structure-Style Tents Expand Event Spaces

Loving your event venue or location, but need more space? Learn more about structure-style tents.

8 Questions to Ask Before Renting an Event Tent

Get exactly the tenting solutions you need by asking these questions before you rent.

Marquee Event Rentals Appoints Denise Silverman Director of Sales & Marketing – Austin & San Antonio

Denise Silverman will be responsible for sales team leadership and marketing strategy for Marquee’s Austin and San Antonio offices.

Celebrate MLB’s Opening Day in These Cities

Looking forward to celebrating MLB’s opening day? Here are our top picks where you can enjoy the game in 7 of our favorite cities!

5 Creative Ways to Ask ”Will You Be My Bridesmaid”

You’ll love these cute and creative ways to ask your friend or family member, “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?”

Marquee Event Rentals Dallas Rolls Onward!

This is an open letter to our customers, partners, associates and friends in the DFW event industry.

How to Choose a Winning Conference Event Theme

Consider a theme for your next conference to set the tone of the event. Curious about options? Here’s how to choose the right one.