5 Creative Ways to Ask ”Will You Be My Bridesmaid”

September 9, 2019
By: Marquee Event Rentals


Now it’s your turn to propose - to your bridesmaids! Looking for a cute and creative way to pop the question? Our event rental specialists share some of their favorite ideas. What’s more? These ideas won’t break the bank and they’ll make your bridesmaids feel extra special.

Grooms aren’t the only ones who get stressed over “popping the question.” Choosing your wedding party can can also lead to anxiety. After agonizing over who you should ask to be a bridesmaid versus who you actually want in your wedding party, you may be inclined to send a simple email blast and call it a day.

However, you want the future members of your wedding party to feel included in your special celebration. This can be accomplished by inviting them to be part of your big day in a creative way. Below are a few inventive and uncomplicated ways to ask a friend, family member, or co-worker to be your bridesmaid. 

Food and Drink

Surprise your besties with fortune cookies that have a special, “I can’t say ‘I do’ without you” message inside. Or, invite everyone over for drinks and put a custom “will you be my bridesmaid?” label on their favorite bottle of wine. You could also make or order cupcakes with, “be my bridesmaid?” flags in each one. The possibilities are endless! 

Pop the Question - with Balloons!

First, head to your local craft store and buy some balloons, ribbon, and confetti. Inside each balloon, insert a small piece of paper that says, “will you be my bridesmaid?” along with some confetti. Inflate each balloon and tie a ribbon to the end. Present each potential bridesmaid with a balloon and a pin, and invite her to pop the balloon for a surprise.

Bridesmaid Paper Doll Card

If your bridesmaids don’t live nearby, it may be easier to send a special card instead of trying to get everyone together. Search online for paper doll tutorials (or freestyle it), and write a bridesmaid’s name on each doll. Include a personal note with the details of your event and the big question, “Will you be my bridesmaid?”

Wedding Survival Pack

Poke a little fun at the wedding experience by sending each bridesmaid-to-be a box with band-aids, a small package of tissue, eye drops, fashion tape, a packet of aspirin, and a small bottle of champagne. At the bottom of the box, include a note that says, “I can’t do this without you. Will you be my bridesmaid?”

Photo of You Together 

Find a photo or video of a special memory you shared with the friend or family member you’d like to be in your wedding party. Send her an email or message telling her how much her friendship means to you, and ask her to help you make a new special memory.

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