Tent Types

Whether you're hosting 50 people or 50,000, you are guaranteed our professional, experienced staff every time. We can provide generators, heating and air-conditioning, lighting, flooring, frame and pole tents and semi-permanent structures. So whether you want a dome-shaped clear structure, a traditional white tent, or a unique design never before seen, we’ve got you covered. Our specially trained staff are pros at designing, installing and decorating your tent structure. Take a look at some of our work below, and submit a tent consultation request form today.

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Clearspan Structures

This Clearspan tent is topped with clear tops and used for an elegant wedding customized with wood walls and a porch added to the front entrance.
Our Double Decker products offer versatility and unique profiles to your events and allow for 200% space utilization when vertical clearance is not a concern.
This Clearspan structure displays many upgrades. The roof has a center dome, it has a clear gable end, cathedral window walls and a level floor.
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    The Clearspan design offers a free, unobstructed room view from inside the tent with no center poles or support columns inside the tent.

    These engineered tents are versatile, safe and allow you to maximize space for your event.

    Usability, stability and durability make Clearspan Structures the best option for long term rentals.


Keder Frame Structures

A 40x60 Keder Tent was branded for the Texas Monthly BBQ Festival.
This 30x20 Keder Frame was set on top of a band stage for this corporate event.
A 30x30 Keder Frame nestled perfectly in a pecan grove.
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    Kedered Frame Structures are one of the most versatile structures on the market, able to be easily weighted and installed on grass, asphalt, rock, and concrete surfaces. These structures are available from 15 feet to 50 feet in width with optional clear and white tops, and hip-end or gable-end configurations.


Frame Canopies

This 10x110 Frame Canopy was setup for an elegant wedding by the lake.
This 30x80 Frame Canopy was setup for a fall ceremony.
This clear 20x80 Frame Canopy transformed a parking lot into an elegant event at this boutique hotel.
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    The frame canopy is the original party tent. This style is great for backyard parties, catering kitchens or festival booths. Frame tents are modular and can be stretched to make long walkways or cover empire dining style tables.


Marquee Tents

These Marquee tents were for the 110 cycling teams to celebrate in downtown Austin.
High Peak 20’ Marquee Tent secured with stakes.
Marquee tops available in White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange and Pink.
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    Marquee tents make excellent formal entrance walkways into larger tents, connect a tent with a permanent structure, or cover an existing walkway. Marquees are a hybrid of the pole tent and the frame tent. They are designed to give you the showiness of a high pitched pole tent with the benefits of installation from a frame tent. They are available in multiple colors and in an assortment of small sizes.


Pole Tents

80x120 Twin Pole at a lakeside resort.
60x270 Single Pole protects concert goers from the elements.
59x99 Tidewater Sail Cloth Pole tent installed for a ranch wedding.
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    This classic tent style features support poles forming sweeping peaks. The pole tent is defined by the pole holding up the vinyl top in the interior of the tent. The tension on the top comes from guy ropes or ratchets that are staked into the ground. This tent must be anchored into the ground for proper installation.


Specialty Tents

2 30x40 Trapeze installed at this private lake house.
Cirquee Octagon Circus Tent
Custom Tent to accommodate patio guests no matter the weather.
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    Specialty tents in various sizes, shapes and colors, even air filled. Custom end panels, skylights, clear tops and colors. We love a challenge! Let us customize a tent to fit your space.