Family Reunion Event Planning Made Easy

May 21, 2019
By: Marquee Event Rentals


Planning a family reunion just got easier thanks to tips from our event rental specialists! Learn about ways to streamline the planning process, like when to get started, the first items on the to-do list, and what event rental solutions you may need. Your reunion should be memorable and stress-free so you can enjoy the day with your family. Here’s how to get started.

Planning a family reunion can be equal parts exasperating and extremely rewarding. To help make your family event planning as frustration-free as possible, review our experts’ top tips.

Here are some useful facts about family reunions:

With that in mind, our event planning specialists recommend getting started at least 12 months in advance. If you’re putting together your first family reunion, or are new to event planning, start even earlier. With 18 to 24 months lead time, you’ll have the maximum number of locations to choose from and get better pricing. Planning ahead also enables attendees to put in for vacation time and save money for the trip.

How do I plan a family reunion?

First, start by providing some options for the date of the reunion. Once the date is agreed upon, suggest three different locales. Having the dates in place first will help you determine what locations are a good fit. For example, if the event is in spring, you’ll want to consider rainy weather and perhaps an indoor or tented venue. It’s better to present ideas rather than ask for feedback (which you’ll receive no matter what).

Don’t be afraid to delegate

Invite enthusiastic family members to help you plan and execute the event. One of the most common mistakes family reunion planners make is taking on too much.

The majority of family reunions have between 50 and 149 attendees, and an event of that size is too much for one person to manage alone. Aim for one helper for every ten guests.

By delegating, you’ll get fresh ideas from the participants and prevent personal burnout. Here are a few ways to distribute the workload:

  • Communication coordinator: sends invitations via social media and a secondary method for those who aren’t social media inclined, establishes a plan to communicate venue information and last minute changes to attendees
  • Finance and reservations director: manages the event budget, tracks RSVPs, collects deposits
  • Hotel liaison (optional): hotels typically offer discounts for reservations of ten rooms or more, the liaison arranges a discounted room block, free amenities (breakfast, parking), and a banquet room if applicable
  • Welcome crew: creates signage, assembles registration packets, distributes name tags
  • Memorabilia manager: designs and produces t-shirts or other souvenirs, takes photos or hires an event photographer, coordinates displays of family mementos such as photos, recipes, or historic documents
  • Activity director: plans non-food-related activities for family members of all ages and abilities
  • Potluck/Picnic patrol: shared meals are frequently ranked as family reunion attendees’ favorite activities, the potluck/picnic patrol coordinates who brings food, drinks, utensils, coolers, and who helps with clean-up

Family Reunion Event Rentals

Save time and headaches by hiring a professional event rental company to assist with your family reunion. Don’t cross your fingers that Uncle Joe will bring his pop-up tent when you can count on the professionals at Marquee Event Rentals.

We’ve have helped hundreds of clients create treasured memories at their well-planned family reunions. A few rental items to consider:

As your full-service event rental partner, Marquee can help you simplify event planning and save money. Our event rental specialists are familiar with local venues in Chicago, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio - and can help with a family reunion event of any size. Contact us for a complimentary consultation.