Product Guide: How to Choose a Rental Tent

By: Marquee Event Rentals

Your rental tent is a blank canvas. It can be dressed up with drapery and lighting for a formal gala, or left open and breezy for a laid-back outdoor event. The possibilities are endless.

Marquee has the largest tent rental inventory in the industry and is trusted by the NFL, X-Games, Kansas Speedway, Soldier Field, SXSW, Fort Worth Main Street Arts Festival and countless couples, companies, hotels and country clubs. Learn more about the tent rental options in Atlanta, Chicago, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Austin, Dallas, or San Antonio below, or contact one of our event rental experts for a complimentary consultation.

How to Choose a Tent for Your Event

Here are a few things to consider when selecting a tent for your event.

  1. Weather - If your event takes place near a lake, river, or other location prone to wind, let us know so we can recommend secure options. If rain is expected, consider ordering side walls to protect guests from the elements. Please consult with your Marquee Rep about all safety issues in order to have a great experience.
  2. Ground Type - Marquee can put up a tent just about anywhere. That said, certain types of tents are better for natural surfaces such as grass, while others are made for concrete or other hard surfaces.
  3. Site Lines and Layout - Some tent types require support poles underneath the tent which create a small, but noticeable obstruction. If you need a tent that is completely open, let us know.
  4. Additional Amenities - Consider whether your event requires additional space for amenities such as, a changing area, food prep, restrooms, etc.
  5. Site and Group Size - The site dimensions, number of guests, and any amenities will determine what size of tent or tent(s) will work best for your event. Check out our space planner to find out what size tent would work best for your event.
  6. Budget - For event planners on a limited budget: a collection of small tents can be less expensive than renting a large tent.

Tent Rentals for Outdoor Events & More

Learn more about the different types of tents offered by Marquee Event Rentals. You can also view event photos of each type of tent.

Clearspan Tents - stable, versatile, available as two-story
A Clearspan tent offers an unobstructed view from one side of the tent to the other. There are no center poles or support columns inside the tent. Versatility, stability, and durability make Clearspan tents a popular choice for long-term rentals. Marquee can customize your clearspan structures with a clear, see-through top, a porch, wood-interior walls, and erect a “double-decker” two-story tent to maximize vertical space.

Frame Tents - best for hard surfaces where space may be limited
Frame tents are one of the most popular tents for outdoor events including: weddings, golf fundraisers, festivals, and catered outdoor events. Frame tents can be lined up one after another to create long walkways, or cover a long buffet line. This type of tent is ideal for event sites on a hard surface where space may be limited. Frame tents don’t need extra room around the tent for staking, and they don’t require support poles under the tent which can get in the way of furniture or block sightlines.

The Keder frame tent is another frame tent option that we rent and can be secured to just about any surface including grass, asphalt, rock, and concrete. Our kedered tents are available in sizes from 15- 50 feet wide with optional clear and white tops. We also offer hip-end, or gable-end configurations.

Marquee Tents - the best of both frame and pole tents
A Marquee tent is a hybrid of a pole tent and a frame tent. These event rental tents offer the showiness of a high-pitched pole tent with the wide open space of a frame tent. Our Marquee tents are available in multiple colors and in an assortment of small sizes.

Pole Tents - a budget-friendly choice for events on grassy areas 
Pole tents get their name from the interior support pole(s) used to hold up the tent. Exterior guy ropes or ratchets are staked to the ground to create tension and provide additional stability to the structure. Pole tents require at least 10 feet around the perimeter of the tent for set-up and safe anchoring. The interior support poles can be decorated or covered with fabric liners.

Specialty Event Tent Rentals
Don’t see what you’re looking for? Let us know. We have a variety of specialty tents, including trapeze tents.