Community Outreach Tips for Athletic Event Planning

May 21, 2019
By: Marquee Event Rentals

If you’re looking to make your sports event even more successful, be sure to connect with the local community! Community support is important for any event. There are so many benefits to reaching out to local merchants, city officials, and more. Learn about best practices from our event rental specialists.

More than 18 million Americans participate in running events every year. Millions more sign up for charity walks, cycling events, and other organized athletic activities. If you’re preparing to organize a local sporting event, review our experts’ top tips to ensure your event stays on track.

1. Get Permission

Obtaining permission from property owners and local authorities is the first step in planning your fun run, charity 5k, or other athletic events. Without the right permits, your event can (and will) get shut down. Expect to provide proof of insurance as part of the permit application process.

Before advertising or accepting registrations, obtain written approval from the property owner and/or governing body where your event will take place. This may include:

  • The city or county
  • Local department of transportation
  • Forest Service
  • Homeowners Association
  • School or school district

If your event requires a road closure, contact local law enforcement in each area your event will pass through. For example, a cycling event that crosses city or county lines should seek approval from each individual district.

2. Conduct community outreach

Take a proactive approach to gain support for your sporting event from the local community.

  • Reach out to nearby business owners whose access or parking may be negatively affected by your event. Offer opportunities to promote their business to participants and/or provide signage that clearly states “no event parking.”
  • Attend a neighborhood association meeting (if applicable) and invite residents to attend any post-event festivities. If your event is tied to a charity, invite someone from the non-profit to speak and answer questions.
  • If your event is not tied to a charity, consider how you might do a good deed for the neighborhood such as a park clean-up day, or tree planting.  
  • For distance events, invite local cheer squads or high-school bands to make guest appearances along the route.

3. Ask for feedback

Find out what has and hasn’t worked for events in the past. Ask neighbors and property owners to give input on how the event may impact them. Always heed the recommendations of the local DOT and law enforcement. An event ‘staging area’ is generally where the trucks and service providers gather for the set-up process.  

If your event takes place on city streets, you’ll need crowd control barriers in addition to the usual rental items for sporting events. A typical sports event rental  includes:

  • Portable tables for participant registration, snacks, and any sponsor materials
  • Audio Equipment  for music and announcements
  • Tents for sponsors/vendors, a first aid station and/or an enclosed changing area for participants
  • Staging for presentations and crowd focus when attention is needed


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