8 Questions to Ask Before Renting an Event Tent

April 17, 2019
By: Marquee Event Rentals

In need of an event rental tent, but not sure what option is best for you? Our event rental experts compiled eight important questions to consider before you choose. Plus, there are questions to ask your event rental partner to ensure you have a safe and successful celebration. A rental tent provides shelter for your guests and a setting for their special memories. There’s a lot to consider when choosing a tent: size, style, and extra amenities such as climate control and electricity.

Review and answer the questions below so you can choose a tent for your next event with confidence. For advice from experienced pros, contact one of our local tent rental experts in Chicago, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Austin, Dallas, or San Antonio for a complimentary consultation on your next tent rental.

Key Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Event Tents

1. How do I identify a qualified rental tent company? Explore the experience level of companies that you are considering. Confirm that your choice has many years of experience with a variety of  tenting solutions to handle virtually any circumstances that may arise. Ask to visit their facilities. An organized warehouse and high-quality inventory may assure you that your installation and experience will also be well organized and high quality.

2. How many guests will attend and does anyone need special access? The number of event attendees is an important factor when choosing the size of your rental tent. Also consider whether special accommodations, such as a wheelchair ramp, may be necessary and work with a vendor who will make sure your structure is up to code. If you plan to serve food, work with the rental company to ensure there’s enough room for your food service, tables, and guests.

3. What is the focus of your event? For an event with a guest speaker or featured performer, consider a frame tent which has no interior poles and completely open sight lines. For an event where you’d like guests to mingle, choose a square tent over a rectangular one.

4. What is the size and shape of the event site? As a general rule, tents  require at least 10 feet around its perimeter to be safely set up and secured. Your rental provider should help you determine how to optimize your space.

5. What are the grounds like? The surface where your tent will be installed can help determine the type of tent you choose to rent. Some tents must be staked into soil , asphalt or even sand. Some sites may require ballasting with weight. Before choosing a vendor, confirm whether the rental company follows industry best practices for securing the tent.

6. Do you need a tent that can be set up and taken down quickly or at a specific time of day? Discuss all of your special timing needs with your tent rental professional.  In all likelihood, your venue will require specific setup and teardown times. Additionally, venues could charge extra for any delays in this process. A professional tent rental company, like Marquee, ensures your needs, and the event venue’s requirements, are met.

7. Will you need electricity or climate control? Temperatures inside a tent can be 20 degrees warmer than the exterior temperature. If your event calls for heating or air conditioning, let your vendor know before choosing a tent as certain tent shapes are more efficient for HVAC than others. If you plan to use special lighting, audio equipment, or have other electrical needs, tell your event rental vendor so they can ensure you have adequate power.

8. What permits may be required? Some municipalities may require a permit for installation of a tent structure. It’s not unusual for event tents to be inspected by officials after set up. Regardless of what city your event is located in, working with an experienced rental partner can make the process easy and protect you against fines and other unexpected issues.

Why choose Marquee for your next event tent rental

Every Marquee Event Rentals location is staffed by event experts familiar with your local event venues and municipal regulations. Our experienced, insured installation crew can ease the burden of setup and teardown and ensure your tents adhere to local building code.

No event is too large or too small. Call on Marquee Event Rental to deliver a custom solution for your event. Check out our gallery of different types of rental tents for inspiration, or request a complimentary tent rental consultation.