Structure-Style Tents Expand Event Spaces

April 17, 2019
By: Marquee Event Rentals


Structure-style tents are the go-to solution for any event, large or small. Why? Not only are there myriad structures to choose from, they can expand the space of any venue. From hotels to country clubs, event rental tents make it possible to keep the venue you love and expand its space. 

Temporary event structures provide the flexibility to increase event space at a significantly lower cost compared to permanent construction. Expand on existing space to meet demand, or create a one-of-a-kind event setting to inspire innovation. Clearspan structures also give you the flexibility to choose an event location with ample parking, or one that is centrally located.

Expand Your Event Space with a Structure-Style Tent

Unlike indoor venues, temporary event structures can be completely customized. Bring your event vision to life with specialty decor, high-quality flooring, lighting, and furniture. Temporary tent structures allow you to:

  • Host your event in a unique or remote location.
  • Convert a parking lot, courtyard, winery, or rooftop into a special event space.
  • Increase meeting and convention space without a capital-intensive construction project.
  • Expand your country club, hotel venue or even your warehouse!

Depending on your needs,  structure-style tents can be small and simple, or span hundreds (even thousands) of square feet. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Clearspan structures: Sturdy and versatile, clearspan structures provide an unobstructed view inside the tent. Clearspan tents can even be installed with glass walls and a see-through roof.
  • Frame tents: One of the most popular style tents for outdoor events, frame tents are ideal for sites with limited space. They require minimal space for securing. Frame style tents don’t have interior support poles that take up  valuable space and block sightlines.
  • Traditional pole tents: Can be installed on grass or asphalt surfaces. This is a great choice if you’re looking for a contemporary high peak look at a budget price..  
  • Sailcloth tents: A sailcloth tent style pole tent, such as the Tidewater style, has a classic, vintage look that allows light to show through the fabric for extraordinary views, day or night!

Choose an experienced partner

Marquee Event Rentals has the inventory and expertise to make your event vision a reality. In our climate-controlled temporary structure-style tents, guests can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors with all the comforts of being indoors.

Some tent styles can even be enhanced with cathedral windows, a see-through roof, and glass walls and doors so guests can enjoy sunsets and natural scenery in a climate-controlled, pest-free environment.

In addition to creating a custom venue for your main event, Marquee can build on-site facilities for food service, ticket outlets, office space or storage  - anything you need to make your event a success. As a full-service rental company, we can supply electricity, kitchen equipment, heating and cooling, and more.

Local hotels, country clubs, happy couples, and the world’s top brands put their trust in Marquee. Our experienced, professional team can set up a temporary event structure for your next:

  • Grand opening
  • Sporting event
  • Industry convention
  • Exhibition
  • Designer wedding
  • Festival
  • Concert or live music event

Our modern, engineered temporary structures can be installed just about anywhere. No matter the size or scope of the event, our friendly and professional staff can help you choose the best structure for your goals, budget, and location. Request a complimentary tent consultation with a local expert in Chicago, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Austin, Dallas, or San Antonio.