Product Guide: How to Choose Glassware for Your Event

By: Marquee Event Rentals

Glassware is a general term for barware, stemware, or any other glass vessel made for beverages. Choosing the right glassware goes a long way to enhancing the experience of your guests.

There are more than 25 different glassware options designed to enhance the taste or aroma of a specific drink. For example, a narrow champagne flute helps preserve the drink’s signature bubbles. Martini glasses are designed to keep the drink cold without using ice, while brandy snifters are meant to be held and absorb warmth from the hand. Wine glasses come in a variety of shapes and sizes designed to preserve temperature and enhance aroma; but you may be surprised to learn, there are different glasses for various types of beer.

The pint glass commonly used in bars and restaurants is one of the worst vessels for craft beer. Pilsner glasses are a better choice. That said, if your guest list includes a high percentage of hopheads, ask an expert to confirm what barware is best for your brews.

Our guide to renting barware can help you estimate the amount of glassware you need based upon the number of guests and type of beverages you plan to serve. Before finalizing your rental order, review the list of important considerations below.

Serving wine? Rent carafes to decant the wine before serving it to guests.

Does the venue have hard-surface flooring? Stemless wine or champagne glasses are less likely to tip over and break.

Who will provide the bar or beverage station? Your caterer might not be the most cost-effective option. Read our guide to beverage service and bar rentals.

Does your event have a theme or signature cocktail? Ensure you have the correct specialty barware such as copper mugs for Moscow mules, or silver mint julep cups.

4 Popular Stemware and Barware Styles for Any Event 

Clear Glass - corporate events, solemn occasions
Understated clear glass is a no-nonsense choice for corporate gatherings or other events where you want to downplay the tablescape.

Rimmed Glass - upscale weddings, events with a modern aesthetic
Gold or silver-rimmed glassware is perfect for events with a more contemporary theme, especially when the decor uses other metallic elements such as chair sashes or table runners.

Colored Glass - vintage or bohemian-themed gatherings, corporate branding events
Marquee’s massive inventory includes a carousel of colors such as ruby red, slate blue, and apple green. Colored glass can add a touch of whimsy or support your company’s brand.

Cut Crystal - weddings, fundraisers, any formal event
Crystal glassware brings sophistication and sparkle to any event. Choose crystal for its brilliant shine and luxe look.

Event Stemware and Glassware Rentals from Marquee

Marquee Event Rentals has the largest selection of glassware rentals in the industry with options to suit any event. Looking for a specific product or recommendations? We can set up a table with the glassware of your choosing.

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