Product Guide: How to Choose a Bar & Beverage Service for Your Event

By: Marquee Event Rentals

Bar and beverage services are the perfect complement to any event, large or small. Whether it’s a full bar or a coffee and tea service, guests appreciate the considerate offerings. Wondering what the best option is for your event? Learn more about bar and beverage service rental options.

When people think bar and beverage service rental, they may consider it only necessary for events with alcohol.  Though recent surveys, like the one in The Knot, suggest that most event attendees would like the opportunity to imbibe at weddings, it’s certainly not necessary (or appropriate) for all events.

However, even alcohol-free events such as conferences and seminars should offer guests some form of refreshment. Cold drinks on ice, a hot chocolate bar, or freshly-brewed coffee and tea help guests feel appreciated.
Your beverage service can be simple or sophisticated depending on your budget, event size and attendee mix. Here are a few recommendations from our event planning experts.

Beverage Service Rental

Relying on a caterer to supply the beverages, bartenders, and equipment isn’t always the most budget-friendly option.

  • Ask if you can provide your own alcohol and whether there is a corkage fee.
  • Request a price breakdown so you know what you’re being charged for, such as glasses and ice buckets. It may be less expensive to rent or provide your own.

The bar size you need to rent depends upon the number of guests, the mix of adults and children, and the variety of drinks. If you plan to serve a variety of alcohol, choose a larger bar with bar back shelving to display all the options. Consider bar back dividers to make the service area ‘pop’.  Smaller gatherings and events with more limited drink options can choose a smaller bar. If you plan to serve hot drinks such as tea and coffee, consider renting a small table for creamer, sugar, stir sticks, napkins, etc.

Beverage Service and Bar Rentals

Marquee is dedicated to providing the highest-quality bar rentals and beverage service rentals for your event. From carafes to urns and bars large and small, Marquee can supply everything you need to keep your guests happy.

We rent bars in a variety of styles: chic, rustic, elegant, modern, even nautical. Customize the look of your bar area with tables, linens, and bar back shelves to showcase drink options and glassware.

Not hiring a bartender? Marquee offers a range of self-serve beverage options for cold and hot drinks including:

  • Cold drinks: pitchers, punch bowls, ice chests, water coolers, beverage tubs, and troughs.
  • Hot drinks: coffee servers, large aluminum coffee makers, and elegant urns. We can also provide a banquet table with accompanying linens to be used for stir sticks, creamer, sugar, and other hot drink niceties.

As a full-service event rental company, Marquee can also provide a dance floor, barstools, cocktail tables, speakers, audio equipment and lighting. Let us know what would make your party complete, and we’ll deliver. With locations in Chicago, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Austin, Dallas, or San Antonio, Marquee has the largest inventory in the industry.

Our goal is to deliver 100% client satisfaction every day at every event. Contact us for a complimentary consultation from an experienced event rental expert.