Product Guide: How to Choose Your Event Accessories

By: Marquee Event Rentals

When you consider event rental accessories, tables, chairs, and linens are most likely top of mind. However, you may not have considered the little extras that can help your event run smoothly and contribute to a positive guest experience. 

Most events require more than drapery, decor, and glassware. Don’t get caught without an essential item on your big day. 

Rental Accessories are Essential for Any Event

Table linens in your brand’s color, a seating arrangement that encourages mingling, or climate control can make a big difference in your event’s success. Additionally, whether you’re hosting a large corporate gathering or an intimate wedding, the right event accessories will elevate the experience.

What accessories will you need?

When it comes to event planning, there’s no such thing as a “non-essential” item! 

The exact accessories you need will differ depending on the type, size, and location of your event. Our event rental experts can provide advice and suggestions during your complimentary consultation, but here are a few essential event accessories you don’t want to overlook. Review our expert tips and recommendations below.

Complement your catering.

From buffet and serving pieces to chargers and china, you’ve planned your kitchen and dining equipment down to the last detail. However, there are some accessories that can complement your catering as well as add extra flair.

Keep food warm: Carving heat lamps and cutting boards keep meat warm and ready to serve. Plus, it’s easy for guests to help themselves to more!  If you’re transporting food from one location to another, thermal vendor boxes ensure food arrives at the perfect temperature.

Consider the fun factor: Planning a family reunion, festival, or concert? Consider adding a little flavor to your event with warm pretzels in a heated display case, a snow cone or cotton candy machine, or a popcorn wagon. We supply the disposable catering items you’ll need to make it all come together, like snow cone syrups, popcorn and popcorn bags, cotton candy sugar, and more. 

Get inspired: Take a step out of the box and think vertical. Vertical displays are a fabulous way to showcase your event’s food and drink. A donut wall is just one great idea on how to display your snacks. Appetizer, cupcake, and signature cocktail walls can also elevate any event

Ever consider branding your buffet? Consider placing a hedge wall placed behind your buffet. From corporate logos to a “welcome to our wedding” message, a branded hedge wall is both stylish and functional.

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Support your honored guests.

Whether you’re planning a corporate event, sports event, or wedding, your special guests should feel at ease. Imagine forgetting the podium for a CEO or easels for an art show. Not an ideal situation!

Perfectly pair your accessories: From gold and rustic wrought iron easels, to modern metal and rosewood podiums, there’s a solution to match your event’s theme perfectly.

Light it up: Choosing your event accessories will allow you to plan your lighting and electrical needs. Put a spotlight on the speaker at the podium or highlight your new product line. Plan like a pro by knowing all the details.

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Streamline your setup.

There are a few things you don’t want to hear at your event, like I can’t find my coat. Is there a garbage can around here? I didn’t see the sign, so where should I sit? Just a few more reasons why you’ll need event accessories.

Keep it organized: Don’t leave guests milling around and confused about where they need to sit or meet up. Floor frame signs are a handy way to keep your event moving along.  Coat hangers, garment racks, and coat check tickets ensure a guest’s seamless entry and exit. Plus, they’ll know their items are secure.

Keep it clean: Whether your event is indoors or out, you’ll want to keep the space looking spotless. Waste receptacles aren’t exactly exciting, but they’re necessary! Consider hand wash stations, laundry carts, and garment steamers as well. Better to be prepared than surprised!

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