Product Guide: How to Plan Crowd Control at Your Event

By: Marquee Event Rentals

Our event rental experts share some top rental choices for crowd management planning. Learn about options, such as barricades, stanchions, fencing, and more.

Big crowds can generate strong sales and delight sponsors. However, they also require special considerations when it comes to crowd control. The larger your event, the more it will benefit from a well-thought-out plan for keeping guests both safe, secure, informed, and comfortable. Please remember, barricades, fencing, and stanchions will not stop determined intruders, but they will certainly define the do-not-cross line that has been established.

The best way to manage a crowd during an event or festival depends upon the number of access points, the expected number of attendees, the venue itself, and local laws.

Crowd management planning
Generally speaking, a good crowd management plan includes:

  • One staff member for every ten guests

  • Clearly-marked emergency exits

  • An evacuation plan

  • A risk assessment that considers both internal and external hazards

  • A list of who to contact in the event of an incident or emergency

  • Copious signage directing guests to restrooms, workshops, and water stations

  • Secure areas for essential equipment and VIP personnel

Crowd Management Rentals for Events

Good crowd management can make your event more pleasant for guests, less stressful for staff, and more successful overall. At smaller events, a few staff members may be sufficient to manage queues and direct attendees where they need to go. For larger events, barriers are a more cost-effective way to manage crowds and secure restricted areas.

Bicycle barricades
Interlocking metal barricades (also known as  bike-rack or mojo barricades) are both effective and unobtrusive. The low, metal fencing can be arranged in any configuration to create a stable barrier that doesn’t block the view for attendees. Bike rack barricades are frequently used to corral crowds at outdoor events such as concerts, festivals, and athletic events such as 5K runs. Barricades are often used to line the streets at parades.

Our  barricades can also be used to display sponsor signage in addition to providing crowd control. They are also strong and easy to install. For a taller, sturdier alternative to barricades, choose barricade fencing. Fencing prohibits attendees from entering a restricted area and can be installed with a scrim for additional privacy and security.

White picket fencing
Vinyl picket fencing is an elegant alternative to steel barricades. A white picket fence can subtly indicate which areas are off-limits at golf events, weddings, or any event with an upscale aesthetic.

Stanchions are our most popular choice for crowd control at indoor events or covered outdoor events. Use stanchions at entry areas, registration queues, or to designate a restricted area. At a gala or other high-class event, pair stanchions connected by velvet rope with a red carpet to welcome guests with elegance and style.

Additional Crowd Control Barriers and Fencing Options

Marquee Event Rentals has a large rental inventory of crowd management barriers and fencing. Additionally, each of our locations in Chicago, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio offer locally-relevant products such as snow fencing and Type III road barricades (required by law in some areas).

Tell us about your event and we’ll provide everything you need to ensure things run smoothly and safely. As a premiere event rental company, Marquee can provide all your event rental needs including:

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