Product Guide: How to Choose Climate Control for Your Event

By: Marquee Event Rentals

Need help with climate control solutions for your event? From outdoor events to tented, our event heating and cooling pros have you covered.

The only thing more miserable than a freezing cold event may be a hot and stuffy one. In either scenario, your guests will be distracted by their discomfort. The right climate control keeps guests focused on your event experience instead of how uncomfortable they are.

How to Choose the Right Event Rental Climate Control Solution

Climate control can take many forms: elegant heaters, cooling stations with misters, and traditional HVAC units. When choosing climate control for your event the location and venue size will determine what you need.

Air Conditioning and Cooling

Enclosed spaces. In enclosed spaces such as barns and other buildings without air conditioning, evaporative coolers or portable air conditioners will keep guests cool and comfortable. Employing a variety of well-positioned fans can be a less-expensive alternative. Our post popular options are:

  • Tent fans: place in corners or attach to support poles to improve airflow within the tent
  • Oscillating pedestal fan: can be easily moved anywhere additional air circulation is desired
  • Box fans and powerful Barrel fans: are a better choice for large spaces
  • Misting fans: enhance cooling by spraying a light mist of water

Outdoor events in the sun. For outdoor events in the direct sun, we recommend a temperature-controlled tent where attendees can take refuge from brutal UV rays and relax in a cool environment. A Clearspan climate-controlled structure provides the comfort of an indoor environment while allowing the beauty of the outdoors to shine through. Clearspan structures can be customized with many upgrades, including wood walls, porches, cathedral windows, and more.

Outdoor events in the shade. For outdoor events with natural shade, a cooling station with misting fans and air-movers creates a relaxing area where guests can gather. Cooling stations can be set up next to a building or under an open tent. For larger events such as concerts, festivals, and large weddings, multiple cooling stations enhance guest comfort.

An added benefit to keeping air circulating? It’s the safest way to keep flying pests away.  

Temporary Heating

Small electric heaters are simple to install, easy to move, and a budget-friendly choice for indoor events of any size.

Free-standing patio heaters are popular for outdoor events. They don’t require electricity and guests can choose their level of heat by standing closer or farther away. We also rent large console heaters capable of producing 400,000 BTUs.

Fireplace propane heaters: are an attractive addition to any outdoor event.

Climate Control Rental Solutions for Any Event, Large or Small

Whether your event takes place under a tent, in a barn, or in the middle of a field, Marquee Event Rentals can provide everything you need to keep guests comfortable and happy - even in remote locations. We offer climate-controlled tents for events of any size or budget. Our semi-permanent clearspan structures are great for retail spaces and high-profile events, and our frame tents can be set up just about anywhere. Custom solutions are our specialty, just let us know what you need.

We also rent heating and cooling solutions à la carte. Our industry-leading selection includes options ranging from small misting fans to XL 30 ton air conditioners and evaporation coolers. We also rent specialized climate control devices such as heat-diffusers and evaporation coolers in addition to other niceties such as snow cone machines, popcorn equipment and fun food carts.

Contact a climate-control rental expert in Chicago, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Austin, Dallas, or San Antonio. Let us know what you need for your concert, corporate event, fundraiser, VIP tent, wedding, or other event.