Get Creative with Corporate Event Lighting

October 21, 2019
By: Marquee Event Rentals

On average, companies spend $20,000 or more per event, but far too many never see a return on that investment. Inspire employees and generate buzz by showcasing your speakers, products, and more with out-of-the-box corporate event lighting.

Bring the “wow” factor into a pole tent or other temporary structure, or even a bland ballroom, with a color wash, spotlights, or even a light show. Here our experts share are some lighting tips and ideas for corporate events.

Lighting Tips for Corporate Events

Most corporate meeting venues have fluorescent lights - functional, but basic. Professional lighting can enhance your theme, focus attention on your brand or guest speakers, and create a sense of excitement and anticipation from the moment attendees walk in the door. 

Set the Mood with a Color Wash

  • Set the stage with your brand colors or image projected on a stage or wall. Prior to the start of a presentation, darken the event space, turn up the music, and cue the big announcement or announce the featured speaker. 

Illuminated Tables and Bars

  • Glowing tables and bars can give your event a modern, futuristic feel. They’re great for indoor or outdoor events.

Light Shows and GOBOs

  • Build excitement and capture attention with a light show, wall or ceiling projections. Whether you want a waterfall of lights or a sparkling night sky, Marquee can create custom light patterns to turn your event into something magical. Ask us about creating a custom stencil to project your logo (aka a GOBO). 


  • Use spotlights to direct attention and ensure featured products and presenters look good in photos and videos. Add colored films to help establish a mood.


  • Ground-based lights can highlight products, signage, and give a generic meeting room some personality. Our battery-powered LED lights are versatile and easy to install. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what a big difference these small lights can make.

For more ideas, check out our guide to corporate event planning or view our corporate event gallery

Corporate Event Lighting - Key Considerations

What is your theme or desired mood? A darkened stage with a color wash can create a sense of anticipation. A well-lit room enhances collaboration.

Hiring a professional photographer or videographer? If you’ve hired a company to document your event, work with them to ensure your plan includes sufficient lighting to capture the action.

Don’t keep attendees in the dark. If your audience needs to take notes or review materials, make sure they have enough light.

How long is the event? If it’s an all-day event, you may want to change the lighting scheme as you transition from day to evening.

Why Creative Lighting is Essential to a Successful Corporate Event

When your company shares space in an exhibition hall, or if your event is spread out in a large convention center, showcase your brand with creative lighting. It can:

  • Help you “own” a room

  • Direct attendees to your company’s location in a large venue

  • Quickly transform a shared space from one brand to another

Give your next corporate event a professional edge with event lighting equipment from Marquee Event Rentals. We offer specialty lighting services and electrical equipment rentals for events of all sizes and have the largest inventory in the industry.

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