How to Plan a Successful Corporate Event

November 19, 2018
By: Marquee Event Rentals

If you’re looking to plan a successful corporate event, get some tips from our event rental experts. There’s more to event planning than just defining a budget. You should begin by determining your event goals. Have you put together a team to assist? Considered social media promotion? Here are five ways you can ensure your event is a success! 

A Guide to Corporate Event Planning

Corporate events put companies and event planners in the spotlight. A successful event will boost the bottom line, but an event with low-turnout or disgruntled attendees can be a costly mistake. Ensure your next product launch, team-building workshop, shareholder meeting, or other event is a memorable success by following these steps for a corporate event planning:

  1. Define the event goal and your budget
  2. Assemble an event team and communications plan
  3. Reserve a caterer and event rental equipment
  4. Have a backup plan
  5. Thank you and recap


Define The Goal & Budget of Your Event

A clear goal will help determine the event budget and measure whether the event was a success. Here are a few example event goals:

  • 10,000 social media impressions
  • 90 percent employee participation
  • A 20 percent decrease in employee turnover after 12 months
  • A 10 percent increase in subscribers within 90 days
  • 15 pre-order sales in Q2


Assemble Your Event Team & Communications Plan

The number of people required to plan and execute your corporate event will depend on its size and scope. Personnel to consider include:

  • A corporate event planner with local expertise who can handle all the details and help prevent unanticipated problems
  • A full-service, experienced event rentals partner such as Marquee Event Rentals, to ensure your event vision is brought to life
  • A team member with marketing experience who can create a communications plan to raise awareness of your event, define key messages, and connect with target audiences.
  • One or more on-site “gophers” to assist with attendee and presenter needs during the event.
  • Someone to shoot images and video of the event for your website, social media, etc. If your event is recurring, collect video testimonials to use in future event promotion. Have participants and speakers sign a media release, if applicable.


Reserve Your Caterer & Event Rental Equipment

When you have an approximate headcount, select a caterer and reserve the appropriate chairs, tables, flooring, etc. For seated events, choose a chair and seating configuration that allows guests to relax and remain engaged. Money saved by choosing inexpensive, poorly made folding chairs can be easily lost if attendees aren’t pleased during the presentation because they’re uncomfortable.

When selecting a cater, consider what dietary restrictions your guests may have. Help every guest feel cared for by choosing a varied menu including plant-based and gluten-free options.


Determine Your Backup Plan

Be prepared for the worst-case scenario. For example, if sign-ups are slow decide whether you will offer a discount, invest in online ads, or run a more intimate event. Plan for unpredictable circumstances such as, bad weather, illness, or other last-minute problems that may prevent guests or key presenters from attending your event.


Thank You & Recap

Post photos and videos to your website and social media as soon as possible. Send personal thank you’s and dates for next year’s event (when applicable) within a few days after the event. Solicit feedback from participants, especially if your event is a recurring one. Use attendee comments and the established event goals to evaluate the success of your event, and take note of what can be done to make it an even bigger success in the future.

Marquee Event Rentals has the experience and inventory to make your corporate event a memorable success. Whether you’re planning an elegant retirement party, multi-day golf tournament, or other corporate event, our experienced event professionals will help bring your ideas to life.

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