10 Things Not to Do After Your Engagement

January 21, 2019
By: Marquee Event Rentals


Overwhelmed by the list of wedding to-do items in your head after your recent engagement? Our event rental specialists wanted to share their top 10 things NOT to do right after you get engaged. Keeping these in mind will not only help you enjoy your engagement, but allow you the time you need to properly plan for your wedding event rentals, caterer, and more.

You’ve just gotten engaged - cheers! It may seem like you have a thousand and one things to do, but there are a few important things NOT to do when planning your wedding. Avoid wedding planning headaches and common mistakes by reading the 10 things you shouldn’t do after getting engaged:

1. Post Your Big News on Social Media Before Telling Family and Close Friends
Share your exciting announcement with close family and friends before posting your engagement photos online. Some people will feel disappointed if they hear your big news from a third-party or while scrolling through their social media feed.

2. Start Planning Right Away
Take a few weeks to simply bask in the glow of your engagement. Take notes, maybe start a Pinterest board, and review our wedding planning checklist, but don’t worry about booking a venue or wedding decor rentals just yet.

3. Delay Deciding On Your Wedding Budget
The average U.S. wedding costs $25,000 - $30,000, but this is only an average.

  • In Chicago, couples spent an average of $52,000.
  • An average wedding in Texas cost half as much, just over $25,000.

Consider how much you want to spend overall, including a ten percent contingency for unexpected expenses. Setting a budget can help you narrow down a list of potential venues, catering companies, and other vendors.

4. Choose a Dress or Other Wedding Attire
Decide on a date and a venue before considering what the wedding party will wear. If your favorite venue is booked until November, that strapless dress might not be the best choice. Also, depending on the length of your engagement, fashion styles or your own personal taste may evolve, and that perfect dress from 12 months ago may seem like a regrettable choice.

5. Get Your Heart Set on the “Ideal” Wedding
In the beginning, you may want large wedding, or a very small one; however, as more people learn of your engagement, you may feel compelled to change the size, location, or date of your celebration. Keep an open mind, and follow your heart.

6. Focus on the Little Details
Nail down the big stuff (wedding date, venue, guest list, and event rental vendor) before worrying about small details like setting up a website or what the invitations will look like.  Learn more about items you should plan to rent for your wedding. 

7. Say “Yes” to Everything
Planning a wedding often requires diplomatically handling bad suggestions from well-meaning people. Listen to what friends and family have to say, but be prepared with a polite, but non-committal response such as, “Thanks, that sounds like a good idea... I’ll run that by my fiancée… we’ll consider that suggestion as we finalize our plans.”  

8. Sharing Too Many Event Details
Avoid disappointing the people you care about by sharing too many details or telling someone they’re invited. Keep everyone in suspense until your Save the Date invites go out, and save a few surprises for the big day.

9. Wearing Your Ring Before It’s Properly Sized
Losing an engagement or wedding ring will be sure to send you into panic mode. If the rings don’t fit perfectly, take them to a jeweler to be resized.

10. Commit to Something Without Your Partner’s Input
It may feel like you and your partner are two halves of the same soul, but just because you can finish each other’s sentences doesn’t mean you should sign a contract independently. When it comes to any big, irreversible decisions, check with your partner.

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