6 Things to Plan Before Your Tented Winter Event

December 17, 2018
By: Marquee Event Rentals

A winter event can be just as fun and memorable as one held in warmer weather. Whether you’re planning a holiday event for your company or hosting a winter wedding, the right tent, climate control, and lighting can create an environment that’s truly magical. Your guests may even forget they’re outdoors! Follow the tips below to ensure your winter event is unforgettable for all the right reasons.

Winter Event Tip #1 - Heating is Essential
Heat is an essential element of a successful winter event. Our top tip: don’t forget to warm up the tent before guests arrive!

In addition to keeping guests comfortable, heat prevents snow and ice from accumulating on the tent. The experts at Marquee Event Rentals have a proven formula to determine the best ratio of heaters to tent size. In some cases, two smaller heaters and a fan is better than one large heater.

Choose from electric-powered heaters and generators or gas-powered heaters so guests don’t have to worry about stumbling over cords. Marquee carries heaters that add ambiance, in addition to unobtrusive units. We also have heaters on wheels so they can be repositioned for custom comfort.

Winter Event Tip #2 - Vist the Location
Is the location you’ve chosen for your event feasible? Marquee is happy to visit your site to help you choose the best placement while keeping weather issues in mind. This is a great time to review evacuation plans and how to handle the unpredictable. We all have to manage Mother Nature!

Winter Event Tip #3 - Ensure the Comfort & Safety of Guests
Consider where guests will stow their coats and/or umbrellas. If snow is a concern, have shovels and sand or salt available to ensure everyone can enter and exit the tent safely. Depending on the location and duration of your winter event, you may need a separate tent for portable restroom facilities.

Winter Event Tip #4 - Lighting Sets the Stage
The right event lighting can transform an environment from sterile and ordinary, to welcoming and cozy. For a warm ambiance, avoid white, LED lighting. Instead, use cheerful string lights, or consider decorative chandeliers or lanterns. If your event calls for a dance floor, colored lights and/or flashing lights can amp up the party atmosphere.

Winter Event Tip #5 - Choose Food & Drink to Suit the Season
Add seasonal spice to your event with festive food and drink. Winter events are the perfect time for a hot chocolate bar. Invite guests to add mini-candy canes, marshmallows, or a special liqueur for adults. For something simpler, offer mulled wine, or hot cider.

Here are a few ideas for finger food with winter flare:

Marquee Event Rental can provide food warmers and other kitchen equipment as well as bars and beverage service products.

Winter Event Tip #6 - Don’t Skimp on Decor & Guest Amenities
Snow globe centerpieces, glittered pinecones and hanging snowflakes are just a few ways to make your winter event something special. Colored linens add a touch of class, and amenities such as branded hand warmers, or blankets show you care about guest comfort.

Call on Marquee for all your winter event rental equipment needs. We have tents to accommodate events of any size or location, flexible heating solutions, furniture, lighting and more. Visit our design ideas page to view the tents and other products available for rent from our locations in Atlanta, Chicago, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Austin, Dallas, or San Antonio, or contact an event planning expert for a complimentary consultation.