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An interview with Sandy Henson

Q.What was your most challenging event?
A.A corporate event where we had (2) 40’ x 90’ Tents, with (8) 10’ x 10’ tents in between them. All tents were filled with banquet tables, chairs and linen. It was in the spring and a lovely day… until the wind kicked in strong and hard! We could not keep the linens on the tables, the banquet tables were flipping over from the wind, as well as the chairs were flying everywhere! We used the table clips to try and keep the linens on and they shot off the tables like bullets! We sent out for more barrels to secure the 40’ x 90’ tents because the tops were flapping and rolling like crazy. Finally, the weather calmed down and the event went off perfectly. Whew!
Q.What’s your favorite type of venue to work with?
A.One with character and style for events that we are not bringing in many rentals. One with a blank canvas when we are bringing in lots of rentals. During the shoulder months, I love to mix the inside with the outside for a variety of cool places for the guests to mingle.
Q.How would you describe your design style?
A.Transitional. I love to mix the new with the old. So, modern with rustic. There should be meaning to an event… and simply placed items or use of color can represent that meaning, no matter what it is. Attention to detail is important, no matter the style or type of event. Bottom line, it’s not about me, it’s about the client – what design do you like? Let’s do it!
Q.How long have you been working in the event industry?
A.I was trained in Art & Design during my college years. While I always took interest in design while setting a table or preparing for a party, I took a detour into advertising sales. A couple of years ago I was interested in becoming a wedding planner. Instead, I decided to get into the event rental business which allows a broader canvas on which to consult.
Q.What type of events do you have the most experience in?
A.Working in the event rental industry has given me a healthy mix of Corporate, Wedding, Festival, Retail, Homeowner & Full Service Catering Events. Every one is different, I love the variety.
Q.What was your favorite event?
A.I have many favorites but I am going to say an event for Radio One. Sure, there were lots of tents, tables, chairs, linen, stage and more… however, what made it my favorite was my client contact. When your client tells you how awesome you and your crew are and how fantastic everything looks, the timely set up, the timely strike, the quality of rentals, you know it was a job well done. From the planning stages of putting the orders together, to asking the questions that make them realize they may have overlooked something, they know I care about their event. When I see the expression on a happy client’s face, I am proud to be a part of an awesome team. I can trust our team from start to finish, a big part of a successful event!
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