How to Choose the Right Size Tablecloth

By: Marquee Event Rentals

At Marquee Event Rentals, we understand the importance of selecting the right tablecloth size for your special occasion. As a leading provider of event rentals, we receive numerous inquiries about tablecloth sizes. To assist you in making the best decision, we have put together this guide to provide helpful guidance.

What Size Tablecloth Do I Need?

The size of the tablecloth you need depends on the shape and dimensions of your table, as well as your desired overhang. Round tables are typically easier to decorate with table linens because there's no need to worry about the length and width separately; you simply measure the diameter and add twice the desired overhang. For rectangular or square tables, follow the general rule of measuring the length and width, adding twice the preferred overhang to each dimension. This ensures a well-balanced and aesthetically pleasing fit for your tablecloth.

Determine the Appropriate Tablecloth Size

Determining the appropriate tablecloth size involves considering two key factors.

Tabletop Size

Begin by identifying the dimensions of your event table. Commonly used tables include 60-inch rounds, 72-inch rounds, 6 ft. banquets, and 8 ft. banquets. Having this information readily available will simplify the selection process.

Desired Overhang

Next, consider how much overhang you prefer for your tablecloth. Would you like it to reach the edge of the table, drape elegantly to the floor, or create a luxurious pooling effect? To better understand the different lengths available, let's explore each option:

  • • Lap Length Tablecloth: This size extends to the edge of the table, providing a neat and tidy appearance.
  • • Floor Length Tablecloth: Ideal for achieving a more formal look, this size gracefully reaches the floor, exuding elegance.
  • • Pooling Length Tablecloth: For those seeking the ultimate luxury, this length creates a lavish pooling effect, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your event.

Tablecloth Sizing & Length Examples

We understand that visualizing the tablecloth on your table can be challenging through mere descriptions. To help you visualize the various lengths, we have provided some examples of each style below:

Melissa and Beth Photography | Grand Hall | Chappelow Events | Nellie Sparkman Events | Good Earth FloralMelissa and Beth Photography | Grand Hall | Chappelow Events | Nellie Sparkman Events | Good Earth Floral Melissa and Beth Photography | Grand Hall | Chappelow Events | Confetti Events | Good Earth FloralMelissa and Beth Photography | Grand Hall | Chappelow Events | Confetti Events | Good Earth Floral

At Marquee, we primarily recommend sizing tablecloths to fall to the floor, as it adds a touch of formality to any event. Additionally, we offer a stunning collection of velvet tablecloths, which naturally exude elegance and are often chosen for more formal occasions. For an even more luxurious ambiance, we suggest opting for the pooling effect.

Round Tablecloth Size Guide 

Choosing the right size for a round tablecloth is relatively straightforward compared to other table shapes. The key factor is the table's diameter, which is the measurement across the widest part of the table. To ensure a proper fit, add two times your desired overhang to the diameter. This overhang allows the tablecloth to drape elegantly over the sides and provides a stylish touch to your table setting.


For example, for a 60-inch round table with a 30-inch overhang, you’ll need a 120-inch round tablecloth.


Round tablecloths are often favored for their versatility and aesthetic appeal. They work well for circular tables, of course, but can also complement square or rectangular tables by adding a soft, elegant contrast to their sharp angles. The simplicity of round tablecloth sizing makes them a popular choice for both casual and formal dining occasions.


Standard Round Table & Tablecloth Sizes

  • 30” Round Table: 90” Round
  • 48” Round Table: 108” Round
  • 60” Round Table: 120” Round
  • 72” Round Table: 132” Round

All recommended sizes are based on floor length.


Rectangle Tablecloth Size Guide

Determining the appropriate size for a rectangular tablecloth involves several considerations. Start by measuring the length and width of your rectangular table accurately. Next, decide on the desired overhang, which adds a decorative element and ensures the tablecloth doesn't fit too snugly. To calculate the dimensions, it's a common practice to add twice the overhang to both the length and width for a classic appearance.


For example, for a 6-foot banquet table with a 30-inch overhang, you’ll need a 90”x132” tablecloth.


Keep in mind that the table's shape also plays a role; if your rectangular table has rounded corners, a square or round tablecloth may be suitable, while oval tables can work with longer rectangular tablecloths that gracefully drape over both ends. These guidelines will help you select the ideal rectangular tablecloth size, ensuring it not only looks great but also serves its practical purpose effectively.


Standard Rectangle Table & Tablecloth Sizes

  • 6’ Banquet Table: 90”x132”
  • 8’ Banquet Table: 90”x156”

All recommended sizes are based on floor length.


Cocktail Tablecloth Size Guide


Selecting the perfect size for a cocktail tablecloth is crucial to create an elegant and well-coordinated ambiance for your event or gathering. Cocktail tables are typically smaller and taller than standard dining tables, making it essential to follow a few key steps in choosing the right size.


First, accurately measure the diameter of your cocktail table. Since most cocktail tables are round, this measurement serves as a critical starting point in determining the ideal tablecloth size. Once you have the diameter, move on to deciding on the desired overhang.


Now, calculate the dimensions of your cocktail tablecloth by adding twice the chosen overhang to the table's diameter. These considerations ensure that your cocktail tablecloth fits snugly and enhances the overall aesthetics of your cocktail setup, contributing to a well-organized and visually appealing event space.


Standard Cocktail Table & Tablecloth Sizes

  • 24” Cocktail Table: 108” Round
  • 30” Cocktail Table: 120” Round
  • 36” Cocktail Table: 120” Round

All recommended sizes are based on floor length.

Tablecloth Size Chart


Need Help with Tablecloth Sizing for Your Next Event?

We hope that this comprehensive guide assists you in selecting the perfect tablecloth sizes for your upcoming event. Explore our specialty tablecloth collection and discover the ideal tablecloths for your occasion! Still not sure what size linen you should use? Contact us and we can help you choose the perfect linen for your tablescape

Tablecloth Size Guide PDF: download here.