Disaster Relief Rental Solutions

By: Marquee Event Rentals

When disaster strikes, Marquee Event Rentals is on the ground and ready to provide rapidly deployed, disaster shelters and base camps.  The Marquee team is here to help you with a solution for your needs. While damage is being assessed and products are exposed to the elements, you might need a place for people to safely congregate. We are proud to provide temporary structures that can be mobilized quickly and safely.

Our structures vary in many sizes from 10’ wide to 100’ wide, and they are available in a number of lengths. We can also equip these structures with flooring, climate control, power, lights, and other features. Whether you need a command center for your response group or warehouse storage for your company’s inventory, our temporary structure tents are the ideal solution. Speak with us for fast mobilization of our products:

Examples of Disaster Relief Temporary Structure Solutions Include:

  • On-Site Medical Facilities
  • First Responder Command Centers
  • Emergency Control Sites
  • Safety Facilities for Personnel & Equipment
  • Dining Structures
  • Sleeping Structures
  • Temperature Testing Tenting
  • Safety Checkpoints
  • Warehouse Structures for Products & Equipment
  • On-Site Meeting, Planning, & Coordination Gathering Points