Product Guide: How to Choose Tabletop Accessories for Your Event

By: Marquee Event Rentals

At corporate events, dinners, and weddings, tables are often the biggest pieces of real estate;  but they’re often overlooked when it comes to decor. Your tablescape is more than just a place for food and beverages. It can support your theme, complement your brand, or set the stage for inspiration. Discover how the right tabletop accessories can enhance your event.

6 Most Popular Tabletop Accessories

Our event pros wanted to share some of their favorite tabletop accessories. This is just a small sample of our extensive inventory. Visit our galleries for additional ideas and inspiration.

1.) Centerpiece Vases

  • Centerpieces aren't just for weddings! Add some sparkle to your formal dinner or color to your company event. Fill the vases with flowers, tiny string lights, or a bit of both. Keep sightlines in mind, if guests need to see attendees across the room or a presentation screen, choose either short centerpieces or tall, thin vases.

2.) Table Linens, Runners, and Napkins  

  • Showcase your brand colors or complement your theme with table linens, runners and napkins. Combine into layers of color to make a bold statement, or use a muted pallet if you wish to draw attention elsewhere.

3.) Candy and Snack Dishes

  • Whether your event is a corporate,or formal dinner, or a graduation, guests always appreciate something to snack on. A bowl of candy or snack mix is a crowd-pleasing treat.

4.) Seasonal Accents

  • Seasonal accents such as autumn leaves, a vase of wildflowers, or a dish of seasonal fruit give your table a warm, welcoming feel. You can also use them to support your event theme. Placing small pots of fresh herbs on each table can enhance a farmhouse wedding dinner. If your event has a tropical theme, use large palm leaves instead of placemats and include pineapples or tropical flowers in the centerpiece.

5.) Tabletop Lighting

  • Candelabras and candle holders add a touch of elegance to indoor events. For outdoor events, or gatherings where guests need to be able to see across the room, votive candles or single candle holders are a better choice.

6.) A Personal Touch

  • Place a handwritten note at each place setting, or use a tabletop frame to display a welcome message and seating list at each table. If your event is a family affair, keep the little ones entertained with jars of crayons and drawing paper, or a small toy at each child’s place setting. Need kid-sized tables and chairs? Marquee has you covered.

Choosing Your Event’s Tabletop Accessories

Here are a few considerations to help you choose the right tabletop and event decor rentals for your event.

What is your theme or event focus? A farmhouse chic wedding and a product launch event will use very different color schemes and accessories. 

How formal is your event? Formal events such as fundraising dinners and weddings require more elaborate decor. That said, you can elevate even a simple family picnic with a creative centerpiece and seasonal accents.

Will you use flowers? Floral centerpieces are a great addition to both weddings and corporate meetings. Flowers are more than just a special touch, they are scientifically proven to improve concentration and memory by oxygenating the air and improving brain function.

Is your event indoors or outdoors? Votive candles in wind-resistant holders are a better choice for outdoor events than candles for candelabras. Want to make your table the centerpiece? Consider cocktail table lights.

Set the Scene with Marquee Event Rentals

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