Lexus Dealer’s Event

By: Marquee Event Rentals

Venue: Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain in Grant Park, Chicago

Planning: 5 months

Attendees: 1,250

Lexus’ annual dealer conference in Chicago called for a cocktail reception lounge, car showcase, dining space, performance venue, and a rotating stage. Flooding, 45 mph winds, and unpredictable weather were surprise additions. 

About Lexus Dealer Events

The opulent annual event includes a red carpet, fine wines, a gourmet meal, and celebrity guests. Sheryl Crow, Chris Isaak, James Taylor, and the band Chicago performed at their Grant Park event in a climate-controlled tent with a rotating stage.

Our team managed multiple details to ensure the success of the event, these included: 

  • Working within the park’s and city’s limited parking and event access parameters.
  • A $25,000 per day site rental fee meant everything had to go up fast and get torn down quickly.
  • Bad weather appeared in the forecast, so a 33’ x 50’ entrance tent was designed and erected.

Our corporate event planning pros handled it all and provided immediate solutions and all the necessary equipment.

Marquee Event Planning & Rental Equipment 

Our rental tents not only provided luxurious spaces for guests and performers, but comfortable and spacious environments for staff and vendors. We furnished the event with: 

  • 75,000 sq. ft. of climate-controlled tenting
  • 33’ x 66’ vehicle showcase area
  • 164' x 148' dining area
  • 33’ x 50’ grand entrance surrounded by floodlights and Lexus logo sidewalls
  • 72’ x 72’ revolving stage
  • Greenroom for featured performers 
  • Two catering tents
  • Staff break room 

In addition to tent rentals, Marquee supplied:

  • 69,000 sq. ft of flooring
  • Enclosed drop off and red carpet entry
  • Lounge area with a modern industrial feel
  • Waterfall bar
  • Upscale restrooms accessed through glass double doors
  • Seating, tables, linens, and additional tableware for 1,250 guests
  • Luxe décor including thousands of red roses
  • Professional lighting and audio
  • HVAC units providing air conditioning and heat

Corporate Event Planning Expertise

Chicago’s Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain showcases a 20 minute water display every hour. Marquee created a dining venue where one “wall” was made entirely of clear panels so guests could enjoy the fountain’s spectacular show while eating dinner in a climate-controlled environment.

The 164' x 148' semi-permanent structure had a custom black ceiling liner, black wall drapes, and gold linen accent colors. Mahogany wall panels and chairs created an upscale atmosphere to complement the Lexus brand.

During installation, it was noted the white HVAC units were conspicuous in the black and gold venue. Within 24 hours, Marquee manufactured and installed a black façade on all 18 units.

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