How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Party Tent?

October 17, 2023
By: Marquee Event Rentals

Renting party tents for outdoor events offers a multitude of benefits. Tents provide shelter from unpredictable weather conditions, ensuring that your guests stay comfortable and dry even if Mother Nature doesn't cooperate. These tents also create a designated and visually appealing space for your event, enhancing its overall ambiance. They are highly customizable, allowing you to choose the size, style, and accessories that suit your specific needs, whether it's an intimate gathering or a grand celebration. However, while the advantages are evident, it's essential to consider the cost of renting a party tent to make an informed decision.

The Cost of Renting a Party Tent

Let’s call it what it is, a temporary venue. Whether you’re creating an intimate wedding in your backyard, a vendor area for a festival/fair or a sporting or entertainment event or even a corporate event, the type of event and what you want the experience to be should always drive the type of tent you install. Once you know the experience you want to provide guests in the space, you are ready to choose the tent to support the decision.

How much do party tent rentals cost per square foot?

Costs vary, but a general rule is that you’ll spend $1.75 –$2.25 per sqft for a tent, but keep in mind this is just for the basic structure of the the tent. You'll want to consider factoring in the cost of tent accessories like sidewall, flooring, lighting, or drape.  That means you will spend from $200 to tens of thousands depending on the size of the tent and the tent type.

The most common tents to go out for small to medium sized tents is a 30’x40’ or a 40’x60’ tent. When you get into corporate and sports and entertainment, the cost goes up dramatically because the tents are usually much larger and they are also typically specialty tents, like double deckers or octagon shaped. 

How much tent space is required for each guest?

10 square foot/ per persons is good for a cocktail party. You can lower that to a minimum of 7 sqft/person, but you wouldn’t want to go lower. If it is theater styled for a presentation, you’ll want to consider stage size, AV equipment and placement, and audience distance from stage. The chairs should account for 7.5’–8’ sqft per chair.

Additional Cost Factors to Consider When Renting a Party Tent

There are also additional factors to consider in the price of party tent rental, including the type/style of tent, lighting costs, whether you need A/C or heating, sidewalls, and installation costs. Let’s take a look at each of these additional cost factors in detail.

Tent Type

All tent pricing is for the tent only and will have other charges like permitting, additional labor for install, safety packages, flooring, and freight depending on the tent and availability. 

  • Frame: $175–$10,000+ for a 10x10– 50x100
  • Structure: $300–$30,000+ depending on the sqft
  • Unique: Double Decker or Octagon: $3/sqft



Sidewall can range $25–$150 per tent bay.


All lighting is based on the style and size of the tent. Additional extension cords are usually required. Common lighting types include Pin Spot, uplighting, bistro/café lights, twinkle lights, and stage wash.

Air Conditioning or Heating

HVAC requirements are determined by the size of the tent and the time of year. For example, August in Dallas with HVAC will require more units than October for the same size tent. It can run from $2500–$3000 to $20,000+ depending on the specific needs. You never want to use a clear top tent in the summer, because it will create a sauna and you can’t cool it down with any amount of AC. 

Tent Installation

Installs are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and the Ops team would let the salesperson know if additional labor is required to perform the installation. A good rule of thumb is a small frame tent—10x10–30, 20x20–30 or 30x30–40—probably wouldn’t require more labor for a simple straightforward tent staked in the ground. This is basically, park the truck and set up the tent within 20’ from where the truck is parked. 

Tent swagging or draping is quite popular and is an additional cost.

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