Delicious Color Palettes for Summer Parties & Celebrations

March 19, 2020
By: Marquee Event Rentals

Planning a party or summer celebration? Looking for fun and memorable event decor ideas? Here’s one from our event experts guaranteed to surprise and delight your guests - food-inspired color palettes.

Use sumptuous red strawberry to create energy, juicy citrus to bring happiness, crisp green to evoke health, or calming lavender to relax and inspire your guests. Different colors generate specific emotions in your guests, so set the mood for summer fun with these luscious color palette ideas.

Delicious Color Trends for Parties & Events

Berries and Cream
Set your table with ivory china atop a deep purple tablecloth. If your event does not include a seated meal, you can evoke this theme in your decor; use berry-hued bouquets and cream-colored linens.

French Macarons
The sweet pastels of this classic cookie are ideal for elegant but lighthearted daytime events. Use dishware and linens with accents of pistachio or soft cocoa, and choose almond-colored and light pink blooms for your flower arrangements.

Ripe Vineyard
Wineries are popular for summer events, especially weddings. Let the setting inspire your color palette with golden chardonnay chair sashes and a rosé pink tablecloth, or turn up the drama with burgundy dishware and deep green linens.

Summer Stone Fruits
Inspire feelings of health and happiness by creating a palette based around apricots, peaches, and plums ripening in the summer sun. Using colored glassware and shimmering satin or bengaline napkins are an effective way to execute this theme without going over-the-top.

Tropical Plantation
A tropical beach scheme works for daytime and evening events. Keep it tame with creamy coconut tablecloths and a few elements in ocean blue or pineapple yellow, or turn up the volume with turquoise linens, gold chairs, and palm frond decor.

Juicy Fruits 
Use citrus colors to bring energy, or create a fun but relaxed vibe by pairing watermelon (or strawberry) and mint. Our event consultants can help you choose the right pieces.

Event Rentals for Parties, Weddings and Summer Celebrations

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