9 Floral Trends Perfect for Spring & Summer Weddings

January 15, 2020
By: Marquee Event Rentals

The new decade has just begun, and we’re already seeing big changes in wedding decor for 2020, especially when it comes to flowers. Light and airy floral arrangements are on their way out; big and bold is en vogue.

Planning a spring or summer wedding and wondering what wedding flower trends will be big this year? Don’t miss these up-and-coming wedding design ideas scouted by our event experts

Bouquet Trends and Flower Decor Ideas for Weddings

1. Not Just Arrangements, Statements  - This year’s floral trends are all about big visual statements such as massive floral backdrops, topiaries, and floor-to-ceiling flower towers. 

2. Large, Overflowing Bridal Bouquets - Au revoir, petite bouquets. This year’s brides walk down the aisle holding a large blossom, such as the king protea, surrounded by overflowing greenery. For a bohemian or tropical-themed event, our wedding trend experts recommend a large exotic flower accompanied by sun palms.

3. Terrariums - Traditional floral centerpieces are so common they can be overlooked, but a dramatic floral sculpture encased in acrylic can’t be ignored. Each tabletop terrarium can include a different combination of flowers, ferns, and even moss.

Some couples adopt the terrarium theme for their entire wedding by filling a clear-top tent with potted trees and garlands of greenery. The climate-controlled tent allows guests to enjoy an outdoor experience without the bugs or humidity. 

4. Monochromatic - When guests walk into a room filled with flower arrangements that are all the same color, they’ll find the effect striking. Greenery walls can break up the intense color and make great photo backdrops.

5. Multi-Use Decor - Sustainability is a strong secondary theme this year. Couples can reduce the environmental impact of their wedding by re-using and sharing their decor. For example:

  • Sharing their wedding flowers with other couples using the same venue later that day or the next day
  • Donating their floral arrangements to a hospital, retirement home, or women’s shelter
  • Using potted plants as table centerpieces and inviting guests to take them home as wedding favors

6. Locally-Sourced Flowers - Choosing in-season blooms supports local farmers and reduces the carbon footprint of your event. If your wedding takes place in a farmhouse or other rustic setting, a bouquet of wildflowers is the perfect choice.

7. Strong Scents - Turn your wedding event into a feast for all five senses. Roses, jasmine, peony, and honeysuckle are fragrant favorites. If you plan to use a lot of flowers, consider creating a flower-free space for guests with seasonal allergies.

8. Bold Colors - Love color? Take advantage of the most surprising trend of 2020 - bold colors. Jewel-toned and berry-colored flowers, usually reserved for winter weddings, are popping up in spring and summer ceremonies.

9. Unique Uses - Whether frozen inside ice cubes, dangling from chandeliers, or strung across the ceiling, flower blossoms are everywhere. Hair weaves, flower crowns, and jewelry made from real flowers are a top trend for brides and bridesmaids.

Don’t miss out on this year’s latest trends!

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