5 Digital Details Event Planners Shouldn’t Forget

December 17, 2018
By: Marquee Event Rentals


When it comes to corporate event planning, there’s more to it than a guest list! If you’re looking for tips to planning a successful event, our event rental pros have you covered. Consider the importance of marketing and ensuring guests can communicate seamlessly with each other. This means everything from having the right AV equipment to thoughtful follow-up communication via social media. Get details.

There’s a saying on the internet, “pics or it didn’t happen.” In the age of social media, photo/video coverage and event hashtags are just a few digital details corporate event planners shouldn’t overlook. Here are five tips to remember when planning a corporate event:

1. Create an event website or app.

Communication is key to a successful corporate event. Seminars run late, speakers cancel, and schedules get thrown out of whack. Use a mobile-friendly website or event app to keep attendees in the loop. Encourage guests to check it regularly for updates.

2. Don’t let technical difficulties take your event offline.
Ask presenters to send a copy of their decks in advance. Load all the presentations on a backup laptop and also copy the presentations to a USB stick.

Test all the A/V equipment before guests arrive: projectors, speakers, microphones, etc. Or, work with an event partner such as Marquee Event Rentals who can ensure your audio equipment is ready for action.

3. Keep guests connected.
Business professionals expect robust Wi-Fi, so it’s important to confirm your event venue has sufficient coverage and bandwidth for all your attendees. If the connection is password-protected, include the login details on event collateral such as printed schedules, the event website, and signage in presentation rooms.

Device charging stations are another corporate event essential. Don’t make attendees hunt and search for an electrical plug. Marquee Event Rentals can provide tables and electrical equipment to create convenient charging areas for your guests.

4. Use surveys to collect feedback.
Free survey tools such as Survey Monkey make it easy to gather feedback from attendees. Depending on the size and scope of your event, you may choose to create one survey for the event overall, or individual surveys for each presenter.

Encourage responses by keeping the survey short: three to five multiple-choice questions at most. You can include an optional comment box at the end for attendees who prefer to leave more detailed feedback. Incentives such as a random drawing for a $100 gift card, or early-bird registration for your next event, may improve participation.

5. Keep attendees engaged after the event ends.
Create a Dropbox or Google Drive folder where attendees can download presentation decks.
Use LinkedIn or Facebook Groups to build an online community where guests can connect.

Invite guests to view and share event media by establishing an event hashtag.

A good hashtag is memorable, short (fewer than 10 characters), and easy to spell. Before deciding on a hashtag, do a quick search on Twitter and Instagram to confirm your idea isn’t already in use. Promote your hashtag before, during, and after the event via the event website, emails, signage, etc.

As a leader in the special event industry, Marquee Event Rentals can provide everything you need to plan a successful corporate event. We have a vast inventory of audio, electrical, and  specialty lighting to accommodate an event of any size.

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