Valerie Gonzalez
Account Executive
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An interview with Valerie Gonzalez

Q.What is the best kept secret in your city or area?
A.Circle R Ranch! The true Texas place to hang out!!
Q.If you could invite a few famous people (dead or alive) to your dinner party, who would be on the guest list?
A.Michael Jordan, Madonna, Coco Chanel, Albert Einstein, Pharrell and Barack Obama
Q.What is one interesting fact about you that might surprise people?
A.My daughter was born on my birthday. #soulmate
Q.What event have you provided rental support for that you are most proud of?
A.When Cartier opened their store in Highland Park Village, I got the honor of working with the label. The custom tent was draped in gold lamour and outfitted with crystal-beaded chandeliers with touches or emeralds sprinkled throughout. We also used amber wireless LED lights to really create a warm glow and make it seem like candlelight and soften the feel. The white lounge and linen less tables reflected the warm glow so that no harsh white was showing. And last but not least, the liner and custom pole covers made it to where no poles were visible and so that everything looked seamless. Fierce I tell you! FIERCE!
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