Kellye Angelici
Account Executive
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An interview with Kellye Angelici

Q.What was your most challenging event?
A.What’s so great about this Industry is that every event, customer and venue are all different and that is what makes it exciting! You will have many challenges on a day to day basis. Be on your toes at all times, expect last minute changes!! Rely on your team members to help make those quick decisions, be calm and MOVE ON to make it happen successfully! My biggest challenge was I had a Class Reunion with two tents; chairs, tables, linens and accessories. The set up got pushed back a day; due to Operations scheduling and lack of crew so we pushed set up for next morning! This day weather became the issue with a heavy rain storm and lighting. This is where your patience comes in handy; needless to say my phone had several calls both in-coming and out-going from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. Exhausting for everyone but a happy ending! Our Operations set up crew worked passed 8:00 pm to make the set up and the event still happened!
Q.How would you describe your design style?
A.My style starts with my family & friends! I am the first to be “volunteered” to host the family holiday dinners of 60 plus, neighborhood BBQ’s & theme parties, wedding & bridal showers and my favorite “Party of 10” couples dinners – best time to sit around the formal dining table all dressed in casual wear, no fancy set up with delicious food. So what was the question? Oh yeah... My style would be: provide a great atmosphere; make everyone feel comfortable add a touch of simple elegance, invite a great mix of folks and HAVE FUN!!!
Q.How long have you been working in the event industry?
A.I have worked in Memphis my entire career; I started with Classic in July of 2015. In my past opportunities I worked in the restaurant industry as a waitress/bartender; the hotel industry as a concierge/catering sales manager; commercial sales in music & sound, TV programming industry as an account executive and the industrial food service industry a local sales manager. My experience working in the these different areas is what brought me to the rental industry.
Q.What was your favorite event?
A.Working with talented event planners, beautiful landscaping venues doesn’t have to be a public venue can be someone’s backyard! I like doing events with clear top tents so you can see the sky!
Q.What’s your favorite type of venue to work with?
A.Any venue that is outdoors and lucky for us we live in a Southern climate so we can do outdoor events for several months in a year. It can be “tricky” predicting the weather forecast but we know how to adapt.
Q.What type of events do you have the most experience in?
A.I have done a variety of events including large scale corporate events; expo & marathon events; fundraiser events; school & high school reunions and homeowners events.
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