Melissa McBryde
Account Executive
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An interview with Melissa McBryde

Q.What’s your favorite type of venue to work with?
A.A venue with an amazing view of the city or countryside and one that has an easy load-in!
Q.What was your most challenging event?
A.A 3-day wedding event at a large hotel that entailed multiple custom projects and intense labor.
Q.What was your favorite event?
A.My favorite event by far was a wedding at a private residence in Columbia, TN. There were multiple large tents, tables, and chairs to install. The planner and the bride were absolute dreams to work with. I helped with the design and layout in addition to providing all of the rentals. Our vision came to fruition and it couldn’t have been any prettier. It was a true labor of LOVE on so many levels.
Q.How would you describe your design style?
A.Classic with a touch of contemporary.
Q.What type of events do you have the most experience in?
A.Weddings and Corporate Functions.
Q.How long have you been working in the event industry?
A.5 and ½ years.
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